Tungsten Carbide Flat Drawing Dies

Tungsten Carbide Flat Drawing Dies Picture

Tungsten carbide flat drawing dies is drawn flat steel type-specific, according to user requirements designed for a variety of shapes drawn or shaping metal wire. Chinatungsten Online offer tungsten carbide flat drawing dies after all the non-destructive ultrasonic flaw detection, no blisters, no porosity, high density material; high strength, impact resistance, long service life.

Tungsten carbide flat drawing dies product features:

- advanced powder metallurgy inserts equipment and technologies that make drawing dies mold core and sets the perfect combination.

- advanced laser perforation equipment to ensure the accuracy of the drawing die hole.

- high-speed line polishing machine to polish sizing zone and control its exact dimensions.

- advanced ultrasonic polishing machine to ensure precision dies pass and high-quality finish.

- sophisticated detection equipment and strict quality inspection to ensure the high quality of the mold.