Tungsten Carbide Microporous Drawing Dies

Tungsten Carbide Microporous Drawing Dies Picture

Tungsten carbide microporous drawing dies has excellent corrosion resistance and wear performance, a variety of sizes to choose from, cost savings and other advantages, mainly for drawing 0.1 ~ 1.0 mm diameter wire and other metal wire drawing dies, such as tire cord, cutting wire, hose wire and tantalum, molybdenum wire and other non-ferrous metal filament and so on.

The prior art is achieved by stretching and plastic deformation with a smaller diameter bore of larger diameter to draw the wire tension and the volume remains constant. Is a manufacturing process drawing for drawing by using a series of plates or molds to reduce or change the cross-section of the metal wire, for the drawing of steel, tungsten carbide is equivalent to "tip" is inserted inside a steel casting. tungsten carbide drawing die with a special shape and highly polished bore drawing lines, analog lines can be reduced within a range of the diameter of many, often expensive PCD for the mold and simultaneously drawing a thick line, typically carbon steel market wire, stainless steel wire, seamless pipe, stainless steel pipe, shaped bar and so on.